"A thing of beauty is a joy forever"

Hello there, I'm Ijuuin Kyou, creator of The☆Kan.

Kirishima Zen, my awesome but sometimes annoying editor forced me into making this tumblr blog. He thinks it is a good way to gain more fans. Ahh well, hope I dont regret making this decision.

Well, about me, there's nothing really. Im just your normal average guy who appreciates the beauty in everything. But never EVER approach me whenever the deadline for the next manga installement is near, I would be your worst nightmare. Just warning you.

(An independent RP blog for Ijuuin Kyo of Junjou Romantica. )

yaoi RP directory

On seeing the smile spread on the assistant’s face, the feelings Ijuuin felt was undescribable.

He has never felt this way for anyone. It’s usually ‘dump and leave’ for the people he slept with.

Until now.

The person sitting in front of him has completely changed his perspective. All he wanted to do is grab hold of him and never let him go.

He came closer and whispered into Yanase’s ear, ” You’re very welcome.”
And then he pulled him in for a more deeper and passionate kiss.

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